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IP address provided by Woodpecker Records at 4240 Clearview Drive, Carlsbad , United States , Postal code: 92008

Hosting Provider has a phone number of +1-650-996-8148, email: [email protected].

IP's Geolocation Information

IP Address
City Carlsbad
Country United States ( US US)
Latitude 37.751
Longitude -97.822

General IP Information

Organisation Woodpecker Records
Provider URL www.carlsbad.ca.us
Abuse Phone: +1-650-996-8148
Abuse Email: [email protected]
Hostname: server7.vegetablegroup.com

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Listing Websites Hosted On IP: (7 Websites)

1. TRADART Custom Artwork

TRADART Custom Artwork. Decorative painting enhances the beauty of any room. Faux textures can match natural substances like marble and suede. They can also match other decorative elements like fabrics and tiles. Murals can highlight themes ranging from the seaside to …

2. Third Hand Capo

We now sell the Liberty FLIP capos retail & wholesale, and write and publish books of arrangements for partially capo-ed guitar. We also have been selling the popular partial capos made by Shubb Capos, as well as all models by Kyser and G-Band, Planet Waves, SpiderCapo and Harmonic Capo. Unfortunately, we have now discontinued selling Third Hand Capos …

3. Liberty Guitar

Choosing a Guitar for Liberty Tuning. Liberty Tuning will work on any guitar, but certain types have advantages and disadvantages. If you are planning to buy a guitar for yourself, your family or your school, read carefully.

4. joyscreaming newsletter

Inspired by my recording session for the Eric Andersen CD (which is now out) Tom Dean and I went down to a studio in NYC to capture a handful of the songs for "Right Where I Should Be" live with Zev Katz on bass and Frank Valardi on drums. It was exciting to be the guitar player with a band backing me up (usually I'm the fiddler in the band) and it had the desired effect of getting …

5. Kindling the Fire CD

"Kindling the Fire" the new collaboration. by HARVEY REID & JOYCE ANDERSEN . Order it now to be sent to you. Harvey Reid and Joyce Andersen announce the June 2004 release of their second collaboration CD, Kindling the Fire, on Woodpecker Records.The eclectic mix of original, traditional and covers showcases their razor-sharp harmony singing and instrumental work at …

6. List of Recording Artists

List of Artists. Harvey Reid's new book "The Troubadour Chronicles" was published in May 2020. To better understand my heritage I listened to every possible track of these mostly historical recording artists.

7. The Book of Common Prayer in Mundari (1909)

Historical introduction. William Muss Arnolt discusses translations of the Book of Common Prayer into Mundari in Chapter XXXIV of The Book of Common Prayer among the Nations of the World (1914).. This translation is listed as number 116:3 in David Griffiths's Bibliography of the Book of Common Prayer 1549-1999 (London: The British Library; New Castle, Delaware: Oak Knoll …

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